How to Write A Synthesis Essay?
A synthesis essay is a type of argumentative essay that involves discussion by research and analysis of various sources. A writer has to collect ideas to support his topic and side of the argument.However you can go for professional write my essay for me service for more help online.

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The sources used by the students to collect supportive details include:

  • Articles
  • Essays
  • Reviews
  • Lectures
  • Interviews
  • Observations

The combination of these sources helps to create a viewpoint that shapes your claim.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay?

It is better to know about the standards of the synthesis essay before starting writing it.

  • Synthesis Essay Standards

Some common standards are given below:

  • Use the sources to support your claims
  • Present original thoughts and provide a strong piece of evidence
  • The essay must be organized in a logical manner that guides the reader
  • Each body paragraph should contain a topic sentence
  • The essay should present the main ideas thoroughly
  • It should have easy and precise wording
  • Careful use of vocabulary
  • Proofreading is a key to great synthesis essay
  • The essay should not have any grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • Writing Techniques for Synthesis Essay

There are few writing techniques that can avoid some common errors.

  • Summary

It is the simplest technique that involves the gathering, explaining and summarization of all the sources. Therefore, it does not include the writer’s opinions and thoughts.

  • Visuals and Examples

Claims and arguments can be best explained through visuals. You can add examples from other sources. Visuals like graphs and charts can also be included to create a strong impact.

  • Present More Than Two Supporting Reasons

This technique involves the discussion of your claims by supporting it with relevant reasons. It helps to explain why your central argument is true.

  • Straw Man Technique

Straw man technique involves the inclusion of opposing views or evidence first and later present the reason why they do not support your argument. It shows your knowledge about the other viewpoints.

  • Concession Technique

Such type of technique accepts all the valid points of the opposition. On the other hand, it also argues and proves that your viewpoint has more positive points. The technique is useful when the audience is of opposing views.

  • Comparison and Contrast Technique

This technique involves comparing and contrasting of both views by analyzing their similarities and differences. For this, a writer needs to study the topic as a whole.

  • Synthesis Essay Outline

The outline of this essay is generally the same as other essays. It contains three parts:

  • Introduction

This section is considered as the first impression of your essay. Thus, always start with an interesting and engaging introductory paragraph. It will motivate the reader to read the entire document. 

Present historical background by discussing the main point. Similarly, present the thesis statement that explains the main argument.

  • Main Body

The number of body paragraphs depends on the number of supportive points you are including. Thus, you can add as many points as you want. However, make sure each paragraph starts with an argument that is supported by strong evidence. 

Moreover, these paragraphs should also follow your viewpoints rather than just moving around the supporting sources.

  • Conclusion

The conclusory paragraph is as important as the introduction. Therefore, add an impressive closing statement and reasons for supporting it.

This complete guide will help you write a perfect synthesis essay. Nevertheless, this is where many students lack. Many of them don’t have proper knowledge that is required to write an effective essay or paper and is desperately exploring for write essay for me services.

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